Students in class


Opening Ceremony

Of Mount Litera Zee School DHR

on 4th March 2018

Graced by Sri Keshari Nath Tripathi,

Honorable Governor of West Bengal

Chairman Speak

gururbrahma gururvishnuh gururdevo maheshvarah |
guruh sakshat-param brahma tasmai shreeguruve namah ||

Guru is Brahma, Guru is Vishnu, Guru is Mahesh. Guru is the Supreme Being in person. Therefore, respectfully I bow to him.
Such is the position of ‘Guru’ as defined in our Shastra.

Sant Kabir further testifies -
guru govind dono khade, kake laagun paye |
balihari va guru ki, jin govind diya bataye ||

This couplet with its under-current of spirituality in simple translation means that the ‘Guru’ who shows us the path to be one with God is above everyone else.

But a ‘Guru’ in today’s world is much more than that. He is your friend, philosopher and guide. He is the first person outside the boundaries of your own house to teach you the fundamentals, moralities and values of life. He prepares you to face the ever changing and challenging world.

With such a strong sense of responsibility, every teacher steps inside the environment of MOUNT LITERA ZEE SCHOOL DHR (MLZS, DHR). Here, there is a Guru in every teacher, a friend in every colleague, a guardian in the entire administration and a home in the school campus.

Education begins at home and finds its roots at school. At any place, this link should not weaken. The road ahead is not easy, not any more. The times ahead are not easy, not any more. In the Bible, God said ‘The meek shall rule the world’, but not any more.

We at MLZS, DHR are there to make strong personalities of every child out here. From the morning prayer to the afternoon adieu, every session is chalked out to enrich the child’s persona. Your ward becomes our responsibility here, and when he later excels in various fields of life, he becomes our pride.

With a well formulated curriculum and a highly professional and trained academic faculty, the entire experience at MLZS, DHR is fruitful, overwhelming and momentous at every stage. The campus is supported by state-of-the-art technology and top-of-the-line infrastructure. A hygienic, pollution free and eco-friendly environment, IT enabled smart interactive classrooms, wi-fi networking, advanced laboratory set-ups are amongst the few enhancements that one can witness at MLZS, DHR vis-à-vis the conventional schools.

Parents of our wards co-partner us with valuable feedback and suggestions through regular events and interactive sessions. Our teachers evolve with us through regular Teacher’s Training Programs and we grow with our business partners Zee Learn through their innovative Litera Octave methodology in education.

We welcome you to join us in this global quest towards a fulfilling educational journey and thereby reach the helm of the development curve.


I do always write with hope and optimism for Generations to come to our planet. I must reveal that I am delighted for being able to serve our posterity in a very small periphery of my own. The entire world has changed remarkably and the children today are much luckier than the students of two decades ago. The implementation of ‘The Multiple Intelligence Theory’ through Litera Octave Concept - pedagogical model that integrates learning and development in our school - will enable a child to enjoy learning with fun and lead to an all round development. To my dear students, I want to simply say “No achievement can be achieved unless it is from a heart inspired and driven to attain the impossible.” I whole-heartedly and strongly believe that we may not be able to remove all the evils of the society today, but we definitely can improve our society and influence our students in positive ways, giving them the skills that they will need to be successful adults tomorrow. As educators, it will make a difference in our little corners of the world!

Dr. Sankar Prasad Dutta

Teacher's Desk

Students studying here are never far away from home as we provide a homely atmosphere, a competitive spirit and a zeal for success. The syllabus is scientifically and systematically arranged. Various inter-school competitions, quizzes, debates and even cultural programs and sports are held for the child's co-curricular activities. The all-round development of a child is stressed upon here so that we can create the Einstein's and Ganguly's of the next generation. What is particularly heartening to see are the huge smiles on our students' faces when they come into school in the morning!! It not only makes our own spirits soar with joy, but also motivates us as educators to continue to give our best! "Every child is special" is the belief all of us share who endeavor to take this venture forward in "MOUNT LITERA ZEE SCHOOL DHR".

Sutapa Banerjee

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